May 8, 2019

Final Exam

  • Will be available Monday.

  • Due by end of day May 19th.

  • You may use your book and course materials.

  • There are two parts:
    1. Part one multiple choice questions and short answer questions.
    2. Part two has a small data set to analyze with R, then answer some interpretation questions.
  • Put your answers in the Rmarkdown file and submit the PDF file. Please do not post your answers online!


My Work

My research interest is in propensity score methods. Propensity score analysis (PSA) is a quasi-experimental design used to estimate causality from observational studies. It is generally conducted in two phases:

  1. Estimate propensity scores (i.e. probability of being in the treatment) using the observed covariates.
    1. Check balance
    2. Re-estimate propensity scores
  2. Estimate effect sizes using typical group differences (e.g. t-tests)

Areas I have worked on:

  • Multilevel PSA (see multilevelPSA R package)
  • Matching with non-binary treatments (see TriMatch R package)
  • Bootstrapping PSA (see PSAboot R package)

Thank You