These mini projects will have you explore statistical topics using R. You can use the startLab function in the DATA606 package to get started, or copy the templates from the links below. Please submit a PDF (preferred) or HTML file along with your Rmarkdown file. Be sure to answer all questions in lab, not just the on your own section. Labs can be submitted on Blackboard.

  1. Introduction to R and RStudio (Template)
  2. Introduction to Data (Template)
  3. Probability (Template)
  4. Distributions of Random Variables (Template)
  5. Foundations for Statistical Inference
    1. Sampling Distributions (Template)
    2. Confidence Levels (Template)
  6. Inference for Numerical Data (Template)
  7. Inference for Categorical Data (Template)
  8. Introduction to Linear Regression (Template)
  9. Multiple Linear Regerssion (Template)