We will make use of R, an open source statistics program and language. Be sure to install R and RStudio on your own computers within the first few days of the class.

If using Windows, you also need to download and install these:

Once everything is installed, execute the following command in RStudio to install the packages we will use for this class (you can copy-and-paste):


The DATA606 R Package

Many of the course resouces are available in the DATA606 R package. Here are some command to get started:

library('DATA606')          # Load the package
vignette(package='DATA606') # Lists vignettes in the DATA606 package
vignette('os3')             # Loads a PDF of the OpenIntro Statistics book
data(package='DATA606')     # Lists data available in the package
getLabs()                   # Returns a list of the available labs
viewLab('Lab0')             # Opens Lab0 in the default web browser
startLab('Lab0')            # Starts Lab0 (copies to getwd()), opens the Rmd file
shiny_demo()                # Lists available Shiny apps